The top 5 destinations for your summer escape in Vietnam

   It's summer time, so time to plan a vacation!

 Summer is coming and it's about time to start planning your holiday. A vacation can be the highlight of your summer, but if you're still struggling with your itinerary, allow us to give you some ideas.


Chinese tourists flood into Vietnam on ‘zero dollar’ tours

Famous attractions are packed with visitors arriving on dodgy package tours. Three hundred thousand Chinese tourists have entered Vietnam through the Mong Cai International Border Gate since the beginning of this year, according to official figures.


Vietnam Overview

General Information

Official name: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Capital: Hanoi
Population: 93 million people (2015)
Total Area: 331.212 square kilometers
Major religion: Buddhism
Major language: Vietnamese
Monetary unit: Vietnam dong
Internet domain: .vn
International dialing code: +84
Time Zone - Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +7 hours


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